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Welcome to the Otter Lake Association Web Site!  We hope that everyone enjoys the site.  The purpose of the web site is to provide information and updates to association members and the Otter Lake community.

We welcome your feedback on how to improve this site. 

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Become a member: Membership dues are minimal; we depend on your additional assistance to fund the programs and endeavors that we provide for on your behalf. When renewing your membership, please be generous with your contributions so that we may continue to do so. Never been a member? Please consider joining now. We welcome your participation, and need your help. Click here for more information.

2018 Meeting Schedule

Association meetings are held four times a year at the Otter Lake Firehouse on Rt. 28.  Meetings are held in the conference room in the NEW fire hall.  The schedule for meetings is as follows:  

June 2
July 28
August 25

Meetings begin at 10:00 AM sharp.  We hope to see you there!

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News and Notes

Meeting MinutesCheck out past Otter Lake Association meeting minutes and newsletters.

CSLAP Report: The Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) is a volunteer lake monitoring program conducted by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the NYS Federation of Lake Associations (FOLA).  In this program, lay volunteers trained by the NYSDEC and FOLA collect water samples, observations, and perception data every other week in a 15 week interval between May and October. Water samples are analyzed by certified laboratories. Analytical results are interpreted by the NYSDEC and FOLA and utilized for a variety of purposes by the State of New York, local governments, researchers, and, most importantly, participating lake associations. CSLAP reports for Otter Lake are available for review or download here.

Otter Lake Black Fly Program is at risk!
Bti treatments help reduce the number of black flies in the Otter Lake community.  Unfortunately, the  Bti program at Otter Lake is currently at risk due to the escalating cost of these treatments.  Please consider making a donation to the Otter Lake Association.  Donations can be sent to June Wellman/Treasurer, 1046 Norton Rd.., Otter Lake, NY 13338 Please indicate that your donation is in support of the Bti program.  Thank You!

Community Events

Blue Algae Bloom Confirmed on Otter Lake
The DEC has indicated the original spotting on the lake has mitigated, but people should be on the lookout for new occurrences.  For more information click here
 Any outbreaks should be reported to the DEC.  Contact information is available here.  You should submit any possible sighting using this form.
Be aware there are risks piping surface water from the lake into your home or camp.  Click here.

New Keys
The old lock on the gate to the boat launch has been changed,  A new key is available for Otter Lake Membership owners.  If you have a paid  membership and need a new key please contact Shari Pronobis (315.532.8818) of June Wellman (1046 Norton Rd).  If you have an old key it will be replaced for free.  If you do not have an old key  it will be $10.

OLA Membership
Otter Lake Association Membership Form added to web site.  Click Here

Meet and Greet THe meet and greet was held at the Otter Lake Station on August 11.  A good time was had by all!.

2017 OLA Scholarship Awards Thanks to your generous donations four substantial scholarships were awarded in 2017. The recipients were Danielle Commisso, Zacharia Commisso, William Johnson, Mora Oranicio, and Carter Schmitt. Congratulations! We wish them the best in their academic endeavors.

Maintenance and Parking
Construction work included insertion of a drainage pipe and repaving of the lower section of the road to the boat launch.  Please do not park below the indicated markers.

Grass Carp
The life expectancy of our Grass Carp has run out and one shouldn’t be alarmed to see dead carp washing up on shore. (They can be safely buried and make great fertilizer) Remember that by order of the DEC and APA, fishing for grass carp is prohibited. Accidental catches must be safely released.

A Moose Takes a Swim in Otter Lake
On September 28, 2007 a moose decided to take a swim across the lake. 
Click here for some pictures.

Otters Swimming in the Lake
Pictures of some otters having fun in the lake.  Click here for pictures.